Construction Site Security Services

Construction Site Security Services

Construction site security is very important link to your successful project. The phenomenon of theft and vandalism of construction sites is not new and unfortunately will Construction site security servicesnot go away. It is literally and figuratively big business, with industry experts estimating annual losses at roughly $1 billion.

As you might know, one stolen piece of equipment can shut your job down temporarily, not to mention force you to handle other issues such as an increase in insurance costs and the possibility that companies might refuse to rent equipment to organizations that do not properly guard their assets.

Whatever sizes your construction site is, you should consider protecting it.

Professional security guards at an affordable rate

Having over 20 years of experience of protecting many construction sites over Ontario, we know what it takes to secure any size of construction site. We know how to manage and resolve the variety of issues faced by the construction industry and we work closely with our clients to ensure that tConstruction site security serviceshe ever-changing needs of the site are planned and catered for accordingly.

In order to provide you with the best security guard services, we thoroughly screen every candidate to find the best. After meeting with the site supervisor we create a statement of work tailored to your sites requirements that the guard must follow. The guard is provided with have a mobile security manager and monitoring site to ensure the highest level of security.We take pride in the training we provide our guards to protect each site they are on with due diligence and vigilance.

At the same time we realize that there is a certain budget set in place for any external companies you may hire to protect your site. Keeping this is in mind you will find we are extremely affordable yet the quality of our work remains untarnished.

Comprehensive and Custom – Made Security Solutions

We understand that each site requires different level of security. Therefore we have developed a multi-level offering designed to meet the varied threats to a construction site.
Whatever your construction site security needs may be, we have a solution for you.

construction site security services

If you would like to learn more about our different security solutions  contact us. One of our sales managers would be happy to assist you shortly.

Orion Security has been providing security guard services throughout Ontario since 1995 and has been trusted by companies such as EllisDon, Grascan, Vitran Corporation, Oakley Industries, Bird Construction, Loblaws companies, city of Waterloo and many others We would be happy to work with you too. It is our intention to gain your business today and maintain it for a long period of time using a simple formula of great service, great communication and outstanding security.



Image credits : Flickr, Eliot Brown