Customized concierge services

Customized Concierge Services

No two security situations are exactly alike and each community has unique security needs!
Having over 20 years of experience of condo concierge services, we know that your security services program must be tailored to your needs.

Customized security Concierge Services at an Affordable Cost!

Here at Orion security, we offer a special condo concierge security program for your condominiums and high-rise buildings. Our plan usually includes a comprehensive study of your security needs and implementation of skilled security professionals accordingly. We take care of all the small details and provide you with the right concierge to your building/ community.

Matching the right security concierge to your security needs

As part of our condo concierge security program we ask our customers to identify their staffing needs. Our aim is to provide our customer with the right concierge to their needs. We go through the smallest details such as required language and customer service skills.

After selecting the right skilled concierges to your security needs, we will train them based on your requirements and the building structure.


Concierge Services

Continuous Professional Services with Minimum Changes

We understand that the security concierge professional must be an integral part of the high-rise management team and will be familiar with the building’s personnel, residents and procedures. Furthermore, we understand it is important to both the condo management and the residents to be familiar with the condo concierge.  For that reason it is our commitment to provide continuous professional service with minimum changes

In addition to our regular trained concierge, we ensure we always have at least  2 other employees specially trained for your building and all its emergency procedures. Each employee is fully trained in fire evacuation procedures, emergency procedures such as floods, break ins and thefts. The uniqueness that we offer does not stop here. Each member of our management team is also required to obtain a security license and is always fully trained as a concierge at each building that we secure. This ensures we will never leave a shift unattended as our back up procedure for no shows, late calls etc is designed so tightly we leave no room for error or customer dissatisfaction.

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