Loss prevention

Loss Prevention


One of the most neglected and poorly managed aspects of businesses is security and loss prevention. Yet, according to U.S. Department of Commerce statistics, employee dishonesty alone causes 30 percent of all business failures. Add to that failures resulting from other crimes committed against company property, employees and customers and it’s easy to see why the true rate may actually exceed 60 percent.

No business can flourish without a loss prevention strategy and there is a misconception that good security is too expensive.

Businesses often try and save on expenses and one of the expenses that often is being cut or reduced is your security and loss prevention strategy, however it is often those companies that can least afford it are the ones mostly in need.

Security hardware and alarm systems are just a part of loss prevention strategy, a complete strategy will require under cover individuals in your shops, malls and places of business as well as establish solid practices and processes. all in turn will reduce the loss accumulated from various areas of your business.

Small businesses often operate on the financial brink – particularly during the first few years – and the added expense for security may not seem justified. In reality, companies that can least afford it, usually need protection most. Security hardware and alarm systems can be expensive, but they’re only a small part of a loss prevention program. Policies and procedures are the heart of any good security program and normally involve little or no added expense.

Today, as every business faces tough economic challenges, it faces various risks too and so, it needs the best security of its staff, production, assets and reputation.

At Orion Security, we know that true loss prevention is not just about deploying security professionals at your premises.  At Orion Security, we work with you and design a security solution specific to your business.

Since 1995, we have helped hundreds of businesses to protect from loss by understanding their core business process, working with them to analyze the gaps and holes in their security and creating an “air tight” strategy. We help you to maintain a workplace with improved efficiency, minimum stock loss, and a safer environment for your staff.

Let Orion Security design a solution for your business and secure your workplace reduce and eliminate “shop lifting”, employee theft and more.