Mall Security Services

Mall Security Services


Security requirement at malls are quite different from other places that Orion Security is safeguarding.

At malls, there is a direct contact with many people and as a shopping area where comfort and ease are important the security guard must be alert and professional to ensure safety and order is prevalent.

We, at Orion Security, offer the best mall security services to protect such challenging premises like shopping malls. When we deploy our trained staff in a mall, we ensure that each one focuses on an individual task for optimum results.

Mall security services

Our security professionals patrol the premises at random intervals, respond to situations and emergency while carrying a detailed task list that may include listening to voice command from other officials, monitoring all alarms in mall, monitor security devices and more.

We boast of our consistent efficient security services for years. We have extensive experience of how shopping mall security can be maximized and our security guards are well experienced, trained and well educated. When it comes to critical security requirements for places like shopping malls, Orion Security is an undisputed leader in security services industry since 1995.