Security Guards


Security guards

Security guards have become very important for security in our personal and professional life. Security guards work in close coordination with their employers to enforce a particular rule, protect premises, monitor activities and detect criminal activities. They are the one who respond to emergency situations in first place and so, we should trust on highly professionals and experienced security guards for our protection.

At Orion Security, we understand the critical need of experienced and qualified security guards and offer the best services of security guards. Over the years, our security guards have acquired extensive experience to face any emergency situations in day to day life or on any special events like a cultural event, conference, trade shows, or wedding.  So, when you hire them, you can get complete peace of mind and feeling of being safe and under expert’s supervision.

Our Security Guards Services:

Over the past 20 years we have specialized in securing the following:

Our Guards:

Orion Security is priding itself on the level of people serving in our organization and more than anything we are proud of our security guards.

We believe that our guards are the most important part of our business as they are the ones interacting with our clients and the general public therefore we go through a thorough screening and hiring process.

Security guards

All of our guards are:

* Licensed and certified by Ontario Ministry of community safety and correctional services.
* Extensively screened to ensure high quality of service.
* Trained and Skilled in crisis management.
* Trained in first aid and emergency situations.

When you hire Orion Security to safeguard your premises you know you are getting the best security guards.