Special Events Security

Special Event Security

Part of Orion Security special event security strategy is to provide our customers with a complete solution to make sure our team is ready and able to take care of all events and all emergency cases should they arise.

We guarantee that our event security professionals will take care of all angles and all situations and create a safe environment for your guests, VIP’s and all participants.

Our Services include:

Private Events
Corporate Events
Concert Security Services
Conference Security Services
Wedding Security Services


Want to learn more about our special event security guards?

  • Orion Security is located at Brampton and provides security guard services all over Ontario for more than 20 years.
  • Our guards are especially trained with knowledge of the LLA (liquor license Act).
  • We provide marked security vehicles if requested as well.
  • In our 10 years of providing this service, we can proudly say we have never had a loss occur.

Call us today and see the difference Orion Security Makes.