Wedding Security Services

Wedding Security Services

Along with working at special events, such as concerts, shows, live performance events or private shows we also provide a very unique service which is much needed but often not thought of until after the fact.

Orion Security specializes in providing wedding security services in Banquet Halls and at private homes of the bride and groom to be. We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. Keeping this in mind we want to ensure nothing can go wrong on this day. Our guards are especially trained with knowledge of the LLA (liquor license Act).

As you may know each premises that serves liquor is only licensed to serve it within the property. The liquor in no way should be taken outdoors as this will be a fine charged to the owner of the licensed Security Wedding Servicespremises and eventually the onus could fall on those who rented the premises. We don’t want the bride or groom to have to worry about this along with so many other things they may have on their mind. Our wedding security staff knows how to ensure liquor stays on premises, how to deal with individuals that may be intoxicated, how to provide excellent customer service so the guests feel we are more greeters than security officers as we do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable

Our wedding security staff does not forget that this is YOUR SPECIAL DAY:

  • Our wedding security staff will NEVER get rude even if a situation escalates
  • Our wedding security staff will NEVER physically touch anyone or create a scene that may be noticed by other.
  • All wedding security staff are certified and trained with courses such as “how to de-escalate
    potentially dangerous situations”, “Smart-Serve”, “Crisis intervention” and more. With our skills
    and knowledge we can assure you your special day will be a memorable one!
  • In addition to this, we also provide security guards to monitor your residence during the time you are attending your function. Not many companies still offer this service but we understand the growing need for it. In the past year itself there have been over 5 reported burglaries in Brampton/Mississauga area where the Bride or Groom have left their valuables such as jewelry or expensive clothing at home after taking pictures with their photographer in their driveway. After they changed and left to attend their reception, someone broke into their residence and stole all their valuables leaving over $5000 in losses.
  • We provide trained staff to monitor the front and back of your home.
  • We provide marked security vehicles if requested as well.
  • In our 10 years of providing this service, we can proudly say we have never had a loss occur.

So while you are attending your wedding reception, you can be stress free and know we are there monitoring your home safe. Eat, drink and dance all night, our staff will await your safe arrival at home and then leave. All this and we guarantee we provide the most affordable rate in all of GTA.

As we understand security arrangement may be the last thing on your mind we can provide staff within a 24 hour notice for locations within GTA, however if you want to enjoy our special rates, contact us TODAY!

Feel free to contact us for any further details. Whether you require security or not, we wish you all the best on your most special day!


Image credit: Flickr, Oleg Afonin