4 Tips to Avoid High Concierge Security Turnover

by admin on August 23, 2010

As a busy property manager you probably want to avoid as many unexpected situations as possible. When you choose a provider you want to be assured you can rely on that provider, particularly when it comes to security. Most security companies make sure to recruit uniformed, licensed and bonded and well-trained guards.They also provide their guards with the right training based on your specialized security needs and other requirements. However, what happens when these skilled guards decide to quit?

How can you avoid high concierge security turnover?

The bad news is that you have no guarantee that employees won’t leave their position, but the good news is that once you follow these tips, you can minimize the possibility of turnover.Moreover when turnover occurs, you can make the transition smooth without affecting the building’s security level.

  1. Choose only security concierge companies that care for employees, pay above standard and provide employees with health benefits. That helps them hire and retain the best guards
  2. Ask your concierge security providers how many guards they will train for your property. Cconcierge securityonfirm that they always train at least two more guards than required as a backup team. This backup team will be familiar with your property and your security needs and will be able to replace the permanent guards when needed (e.g.vacation, sick leave or resignation).
  3. Identify your staffing needs and provide the security providers with the right requirements. In some buildings, security will be the most important factor, while for others customer service is more important. Make sure the candidates possess the skills you want.
  4. Don’t hesitate to contact the concierge security company about any concern you may have. A good security company will listen to your concerns and take care of them as soon as possible.


A good concierge security company is the key for your peace of mind. A good company can predict all possible scenarios and deal with them immediately. If you are looking for a new security guard provider, check this “security guards ranking calculator” to confirm it meets your needs.



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