6 Halloween Safety and Security Tips

by Orit Pery on October 29, 2015

With Halloween just around the corner, we want to provide you with some safety and security tips for you and your children.

6 safety and security tips for the coming weekend!

Children look forward to Halloween all year; they get to wear costumes and of course free candy! The old tradition of “Trick or treating” never gets old. Children still look forward to this every year.

Please keep the following in mind when you’re out this weekend:

Halloween Safety and security tips

  • Do not knock on doors of houses that are completely dark
  • If someone invites you inside for candy, do not enter the house
  • Do not accept opened or unwrapped candy
  • Do not go into houses on dark secluded streets, apartment buildings or areas marked as “Private Property”
  • Do not accept candy from people who offer it to you on the street
  • Please do not eat candy that is unwrapped, pre-opened or has any holes or cuts in wrappers

For all the adults, dressing up and heading out to any parties, enjoy and be safe. Just a reminder, it will be an extremely busy weekend and ride checks will be in full effect. Make sure to have a designated driver or a place to stay if you are planning to drink alcohol.


From the team at Orion Security & Investigation Services


Image credit: flickr, Maf04, Tuxpi

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