A Good Concierge VS a Great Concierge

by Orit Pery on September 28, 2015


Condominium concierge services are no longer just an alternative to a security doorman. In today’s high–rise condominium buildings, the condo concierge security guard shares a very important connection with property management, the superintendent and the residents
and assumes a variety of responsibilities. He/she should not only be friendly and welcoming and provide other social services such as accepting deliveries, but should also know how to deal with emergency situations such as floods or fires.

What is a good condo concierge?

No single definition can be used to express what a “good condo concierge” is as condo conciergeits duties are normally determined within a contract between the condo corporation and the security company. Such factors as the size of the building, lobby layout and the level of amenities the condominium provides may also affect universally defining this job. However, a few characteristics will  set a great concierge apart from a good one.

Day-to-day issues:

Any good concierge will welcome every resident, visitor and supplier that enters the building, but a great concierge will build a long-term relationship with both tenants and suppliers. He/she will open doors not only for disabled individuals, but also for pregnant women and mothers with infants and strollers. He/she will remember names and other small details that can put a smile oncondo concierge a resident’s face, and he/she will be able to provide recommendations with regards to good restaurants in the neighborhood, a nice movie theatre or other places around the building.

A good concierge is friendly, but at the same time he/she should recognize boundaries and make sure not to cross them.  A great concierge understands and respects these boundaries and is able to find the appropriate balance between being friendly and being professional.

Emergency issues:

With all due respect to the social aspect of this position, the main reason for hiring a condo concierge is security. Therefore any good concierge will be fully trained with building fire panels and evacuation procedures and will know how to deal with emergency situations such as floods or fires. A great concierge will not only do all of the above but will do so while remaining calm and properly prioritizing his/her actions.

Property management ambassador:

A condo concierge represents property management, which has two main implications:

  1. In some cases the concierge is the first impression of the building.
  2. The residents may ask the concierge to contact property management on their behalf in certain situations.

A good concierge will be a great ambassador and represent property management in the best way. As mentioned above he/she will welcome visitors and assist them with any relevant requirements.

However, a great condo concierge does more – he/she understands that he/she is the link between property management, the superintendent and the residents and acts as the ideal liaison between all of them. A great concierge will check with the residents about their need to contact property management and will determine if an issue is important enough to notify property management or is something he/she can manage independently.

In order to get a great condo concierge, a property manager has to discuss the building’s needs with the right security guard. Only companies that conduct a comprehensive study of your asset will know how to find the best concierge for your building.


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